We identify, source and process a wide variety of raw materials to our customers specifications across North America, Europe and Asia in a variety of industries.
Looking for the most cost effective way to transport material to your customer? Need to use several forms of transportation in order to complete your transaction? Whether by truck, rail, barge, container or ocean vessel, FeX can oversee and ensure that your material is safely and efficiently transported from origin to destination.
  • Transport by Truck: Our qualified team of carriers have experience with steel mill delivery requirements and understand the need to complete orders in a timely manner.
  • Transport by Rail: FeX Mingo location is able to service inbound and outbound rail shipments.
  • Transport by Barge: Coordination is needed when shipping by barge. FeX will arrange for and monitor barge placement, delivery, and any necessary draft surveys.
  • Transport by Ocean Vessel: International shipping involves many important steps. We apply our expertise to the ordering of the proper vessel, adhere to customs requirements including inspections and necessary documentation.
  • FeX Intermodal Service: Our Mingo Jct facility is conveniently located on the Ohio River and is serviced by the NS railroad. We provide secure onsite and nearby location storage.
  • Roll Off Boxes: Scrap management. Easy set up and removal at your locations. Sizes: 20, 30 and 40 yard.

FeX specializes in identifying metallic waste streams that can be recycled for beneficial reuse in a variety of industries.
  • Identify metallic waste streams
  • Recycle for beneficial reuse
  • Variety of end consumers
Our full-scale automated commercial plant is specifically designed to make briquettes for the steel industry. We are uniquely positioned to deliver a superior briquette product that meets or exceeds our customer’s standards and specifications.

Briquetting process controls, handling, and inspection of byproduct material is key with the entire process. Our expert handlers determine the batching process and monitor formulas, chemistries and crush tests during production and can provide weekly lab analysis reports to our customer.

Finished batches are protected in a controlled curing environment prior to delivery.
FeX employs a team of trusted advisors with over 85 combined years in iron and steel making management with major US and international steel mills.

With our understanding of the steel making process, our team can ensure the highest quality of scrap metal is provided for optimal blast furnace, BOF and EAF efficiency.

Vigilant quality control and exception customer service.
  • Regular testing of material sources
  • Continuous communication
  • Site Visit
  • Real-time reaction to steel mill needs
Let FeX reclaim your valuable assets. Our team has 20 years’ experience in material recovery, processing, shipping and cleanup of once active sites. FeX has reclaimed and processed metals from former steel mills, bridges, schools, warehouses and much more. No job is too large or too small. From start to finish, FeX has expertise to handle your project.

Customer Service

  • Clear communication of project scope with customer
  • Material grades idenitified
  • Areas of remediation contours and depth clearly defined
  • Calculating expected tonnage
  • Weight and reporting of recovered materials to customer
  • Finished product delivery. Multiple forms of transportation.
  • Testing. Chemistries where applicable.

FeX Expertise 

  • Marketing of recoverd material.
  • Permitting and engineered mining plan so as to adhere to environmental regulations
  • Equipment - Appropriate equipment for large or small jobs
  • Experienced Manpower FeX operators have years of experience in operating heavy equipment
  • Material Processing On-site Materials cut to customer’s specified size
  • Waste Removal - Proper removal of waste materials.
FeX has resources and equipment to accommodate your handling needs.