Our History

For more than three decades, our team of experienced professionals has been delivering comprehensive solutions in the metals, minerals, recycling and logistics arenas. Through these years, we have gained a reputation in the steel, foundry, electric power and aggregate industries for delivering high quality materials to customers in both domestic and foreign markets. In addition to processing and selling upgraded revert materials, our FeX trading group has access to domestic and international material including iron ore, coal, coke, ferrous and stainless metals. No matter the product you’re searching for — we have your material solutions.

Recycling is central to what we do at FeX. We understand our customers needs for sustainable resources and specialized beneficial re-use solutions for byproducts created in manufacturing . We are also active in assisting the public in the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous materials through our Ohio processing facility.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are also a key part of our offerings to our customers. Our staff includes chemical and metallurgical engineers whose expertise in the operations of blast furnaces, EAF, and BOF shops can help optimize your production. We also have on-staff experts in briquetting and fines or smaller materials that cannot be introduced into a furnace as is.

Logistics & Intermodal Solutions

We also offer logistics and intermodal solutions to our customers using the knowledge gained from our years of experience shipping materials around the world. Whether you’re using a truck, rail, barge, container, lake or ocean vessel for domestic or international movements – we can help devise a solution for you.

Mingo Intermodal & Processing Facility

With the opening of our Mingo Junction facility in 2011, we are now able to receive materials by truck, rail and barge and can process those materials to specification.

Material processed at this site includes recovered iron and steel from slag processing. This includes grades of pit scrap, beach iron, blast furnace scrap, tundish, skulls and millscale. FeX also has the capability to handle outside screening and recovery projects for scrap yard cleanup, inner mill cleanup, slag dump remediation, and mill services for foundries.

Industrial Service

As part of our metal recycling expansion efforts in Ohio, we now provide industrial services to manufacturers that produce both ferrous and non-ferrous metallic waste in their manufacturing process or for demo contractors in the recovery of metal. We also offer pickup service for industrial accounts in Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

Our goal is to serve and support our customers while providing quality materials here at home, and worldwide.

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