FeX Group has been a leading broker of commodities for the iron and steel industry, primarily in the Eastern US and Canada. FeX specializes in customized scrap blends for our consumers to help optimize their output at the lowest possible cost.

Our experienced team has gained a reputation as the premiere recycler of revert or recovered materials (slag irons, pit scrap, tundish, etc.) that result from the iron and steelmaking process. Our products provide a high recovery of Fe material when melted at a lower cost than most grades of scrap used in iron and steelmaking.
FeX brokers and processes all traditional grades of ferrous scrap. Our brokerage includes shred, P&S, HMS and other grades delivered by rail, truck or barge. Our processing yard, located in Mingo Junction Ohio, has the ability to buy and process demo scrap, industrial scrap and metal from the public to make products suited for mill and foundry customers.

Tri-State Recycling
FeX receives and processes all grades of non-ferrous products such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and lead. Our inventory also includes battery disposal, catalytic converters and radiators for automotive recycling needs. Bailing, sheering, torch cutting and wire stripping are routinely done at our FeX Processing yard.

Tri-State Recycling
Synthetic gypsum is a synthetic material produced at electric power plants. FGD Gypsum finds its applications in various areas such as:
  • wallboard production
  • cement manufacturing
  • agriculture
Fly Ash is a byproduct of coal fired electric power plants that is:
  • Widely used as superior substitute for Portland cement used in construction industry
  • Used in manufacture of ready-mix concrete, blocks and brick